A cherry a day keeps the ghosts away!

Hi! We are cherry on top.

We are a SINGULAR language services provider specialized in the videogames industry.

Singular because our core is formed by two freelance videogames translators working as a single one, combining our expertise to offer localization services for games and everything related. After years of experience, we are two highly specialized veterans that provide creative top-quality translations thoroughly proofread. And also singular because we just translate from English into Spanish to be able to offer a personal guarantee, only possible in our mother tongue.

Active since 1999, we have been working exclusively on games for many years, a circumstance that has allowed us to gain knowledge and develop an incredible level of expertise in the process. We combine linguistic training, software proficiency and hands-on industry experience to offer exactly the kind of efficient and professional localization services your games need!

Two things that set us apart from other localization providers are a perfect balance between the accurate and the creative approach of our high quality, cultural-adapted translations, and a personal attention to your specific needs. This is videogames translation services with a cherry on top!

So, what do you say? Ready to bring you games to a completely new level?

Video games localization made simple!

After many years in this industry, we have acquired a level of knowledge and developed such expertise, we defy you to find more seasoned translators.

We are game if you are!

English into Spanish

We are a monolingual agency and, thus, we just translate from English into Spanish. Dealing exclusively with one language combination allows us to provide a personal guarantee we could only offer in our mother tongue. Personal in bold, because we really mean it.


One of our most notable strong point: creativity, no less! You can rest assured you leave that aspect in the best hands. Creativity and accuracy are our main concerns when localizing. We’ll make your games shine as if they were originally conceived in Spanish!


All translated material is thoroughly proofread and carefully reviewed against the original source, and you don´t have to worry about TCR, TRC and Lotcheck. We also work with the most advanced translator tools to guarantee an absolute terminology coherence, even in huge titles.

Always on time

Do we even need to say it? Cherry on top NEVER misses a deadline.

Always confidential

We will keep the confidentiality of your projects no matter what. You hire professionals and we respond as such.

Personal service

This is not a standard goodwill slogan. We can offer an optimal involvement and more competitive prices because of out structure. We are truly different. No intermediaries, no need to pay anyone else.

If you want to know whom you are dealing with, or you are simply curious by nature, keep reading!

Just to extend a bit on who you are dealing with when working with cherry on top, we are a couple of freelance videogames translators and proofreaders with a HUGE experience on this sector who decided some time ago to offer our translation and proofreading services together, as a team. And, as time passed, we saw it worked better and better!

Nowadays, and with years of experience  behind, both individually and together, we are proud to say we are able to provide super specialized localization services into Spanish with full client involvement. Because we know we can offer the best creative translations thoroughly proofread and in compliance with TCR standards. And because we have worked in so many AAA titles, for so many loc companies, we know collaborators’ availability issues, late deliveries and last-minute incidents often lead to not-so-experienced translators taking care of proofreading, difficult translations, etc. Leaving everything with cherry on top means you will never have to worry about this kind of thing: we always deliver a top qualityconsistent result, already proofread and ALWAYS on time. Seriously.

Thorough the years, we’ve been able to pick and learn the best aspects of working for the main localization agencies, as well as discard or polish the less positive points, to offer our clients the best of services.

We will take care of your games personally, never delegating. Remember: we are not a company, but a partnership, because we want to offer a different service for a totally reliable result. No surprises. We CARE about your games. Do you?

Last, but not least, we want to emphasize two important aspects for us: delivery dates and confidentiality: we are used to working with tight deadlines and we are capable of handling projects with a broad scope; you don’t need to worry about our ability to meet a demanding turnaround and, of course, all material received from our customers is strictly confidential.

Ten years is a long road to go, a way in which we have come across requests of all sorts, enabling us to handling projects with a broad scope and meeting a demanding turnaround.

Our credentials? Countless games that have been through our keyboards before launching! Contact us to get a taste of what you could get with cherry on top! We are open to hear your suggestions, demands, questions… because we really want to prove you won’t find better!

Some of the projects we have worked in are the Sims franchise, SSX, Top Spin 3, EA Active Sports, Guild Wars 2, Call of Duty, Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, Bioshock 2, SOCOM saga, Red Dead Redemption, God of War, The Witcher, Diablo, Skyrim, Red Faction, Minecraft, to mention some…

Rely on cherry on top!

Rely on cherry on top! Let us be an extension of your company; we can become your own Spanish localization department!

Whether you are a big company or a two-team studio, we can help you expand and make your everyday life easier thanks to our simple, straightforward structure, which makes possible for us to be fully involved in your English to Spanish projects and offer a personal quality guarantee.

Cherry on top wants to hold out a hand whereas providing you five-star results. You only need to send your request to hello@cherryontop.es indicating the delivery deadline, and this is it! You won’t need to contact anyone else; you will receive an excellent product, carefully proofread and always on time. In fact, we defy you to find better! Do you want your game just translated… or translated with a cherry on top?

Everything you always wanted to know and never dare asking!

Why should I work with cherry on top instead of a big localization agency that offers a more comprehensive service, namely more languages?

Because we don’t break your games into several pieces to be translated and proofread by many different people. We take care of all of it personally.

Because, on our personal experience, we know linguist experts feel much more motivated and thus work much better and carefully if they feel a project like their responsibility, instead of working on one batch, for example, and then forgetting all together about it.

Cherry on top wants to cut on the intermediaries, offering you a product consistent in style, translated accurately and always of top-quality. We KNOW what we sell to our customers because it is a product in our mother tongue and we cherish it ourselves, instead of delegating.

Also, cherry on top customers benefit from a close treatment and a personal relationship that allow us to adapt to specific needs, instead of offering a standard formula.

My studio is very modest and we struggle to launch our games and compete in the market. Can I even afford localizing into Spanish?

Definitely YES. We want you to rest assure, cherry on top can adapt to your needs instead of offering standard solutions. We are proud to being able to provide better results than multilingual agencies in all aspects, also financially, so we are ready to listen to what you can or are ready to invest in localizing your games. We think a quality work deserves an equally good reward, but this is also true for your games, which we absolutely want to succeed.

Can you take care of a big project then?

Yes, we can.

We are used to dealing with big volumes, and NOT at the expense of the best quality. Just try us.

What is so special about you personal guarantee?

It is special indeed. We can never blame something on a particular translator/proofreader and exonerate ourselves in front of customers because we are the ultimate professionals responsible for our final product. That is why we cherish our work as other never would.

What hours are you available to be contacted?

We are usually available and online during office hours, from 9:00 to 17:30 CET, Monday to Friday, but you can leave us a message in our chat or drop us a line by e-mail at any time, and we will be back to you as soon as possible (which is normally very soon indeed). Our pleasure!

Do you have a telephone number?

In an effort to maximize the working hours without too many interruptions and be able to focus in order to produce an excellent result, we made from the beginning the conscious decision not to offer contact by phone. Instead, we encourage our customers to contact by e-mail (which we answer immediately in working hours, and as soon as possible during the rest of the day), chat (we are always online on working hours!) or even by Skype. With our quick answer policy, we guarantee you will not miss the phone.

Do you offer other types of translation other than videogame?

We have also experience with media, website, law and sworn translations. Please feel free to ask!

Why cherry on top?

Because everything is better with a cherry on top!


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