Hi! We are cherry on top.

We are a SINGULAR language services provider specialized in the videogames industry.

Singular because our core is formed by two freelance videogames translators working as a single one, combining our expertise to offer localization services for games and everything related. After years of experience, we are two highly specialized veterans that provide creative top-quality translations thoroughly proofread. And also singular because we just translate from English into Spanish to be able to offer a personal guarantee, only possible in our mother tongue.

Active since 1999, we have been working exclusively on games for many years, a circumstance that has allowed us to gain knowledge and develop an incredible level of expertise in the process. We combine linguistic training, software proficiency and hands-on industry experience to offer exactly the kind of efficient and professional localization services your games need!

Two things that set us apart from other localization providers are a perfect balance between the accurate and the creative approach of our high quality, cultural-adapted translations, and a personal attention to your specific needs. This is videogames translation services with a cherry on top!

So, what do you say? Ready to bring you games to a completely new level?